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"The main goal of the therapy is to improve the health and functioning of the  body as a whole by correcting any imbalances of the musculoskeletal system."

"My husband and I moved to Tunbridge Wells from London two years ago and were looking for a physio/masseur therapist to treat some old injuries we had accumulated mainly as a consequence of our previous professions as ballet dancers. 


We were a little apprehensive about finding someone we could trust as we had no recommendations or idea where to go.  My husband found Jason on the website and from the first treatment was sure he had found the right therapist.  Since then both of us have had regular treatments which have always relieved any pain and his advice on exercise and maintenance has been professional and very beneficial. 


Jason is an exceptional therapist and a very kind and thoughtful person and we are grateful to know him."


Yvonne - Former Professional Ballet Dancer

"I've gone to see Jason a number of time to help with some niggles I've experienced returning to exercise and especially running since having children. He has helped so much and eased the pain and given exercises to do at home too.


He seems to find the exact areas causing the pain and the tension vanishes! Thanks Jason"


Rose - Pediatric Physiotherapist

"I had a maintenance massage with Jason yesterday as I had some muscle aches from exercising and working.


Jason is very professional and knew exactly where my issues were. I felt so much looser in my neck and shoulders which are always rock solid. Feeling amazing today. Thank you Jason!"


Kate - Sports Massage Therapist

"Physio, massage and acupuncture relieved a running injury for a while - but the pain always returned.


 Jason is the only person who looked at the cause as well as the symptoms, and treated the whole body not just the aching muscle. For the first time I went away feeling someone understood what my problem actually was. 


He is professional, knowledgeable and thorough and gave me exercises to continue my treatment at home. His goal is to get you fixed permanently as quickly as possible, rather than to keep you coming for repeated sessions for his own financial gain - as unfortunately many seem to do..."

Harriet - Tutor 

"I came across Jason's web page when I was desperate for help. I had a marathon in 5 weeks but at the time found just walking painful. Im quite nervous of sports injury treatment but I really needed help.


Im so glad I found Jason's web page and booked an appointment. He is so kind and never once made me feel awkward or silly for trying to reach my goal.


His professional and friendly manner helps put me back together and get me to my start line. Without his time, care, treatment and knowledge I would never have made it to the start line. His words of encouragement throughout my treatment continue even past the finish line. I highly recommend making an appointment."

Vicki - Marathon Runner

"Jason is not only addressing my chronic shoulder pain but is also helping me condition and strengthen my muscles in the long term too. The most effective massage I've ever had...and I've had many!


He's clearly very passionate about what he does and has always treated me in such a caring, non-judgemental and professional manner."

Jenna - Dental Nurse

"I regularly see Jason for various sport/gym related ailments and he always provides a professional, knowledgable and friendly service that always leads to a positive outcome."

Ben - Commercial Surveyor

"Highly recommend . Really relived tension that had built up in my lower back and hips. Helped me learn about my on going back issues, also what i could do to help myself.


Extremely professional, skilful , passionate and attentive . Will defiantly be back with any future issues ."

Becky - Cabin Attendant

"I regularly see Jason for hip/knee issues. He is unfailingly attentive and friendly. He really takes the time to work out the crux of the problem and gives clear and concise explanations for why particular areas are hurting.


He provides exercises to do at home afterwards which helps you get moving and feeling fit again. He is clearly very passionate about his work and I would recommend him."


"I went to see Jason for a number of reoccurring injuries I have picked up over the years at work and the gym. He went through each of the problems providing advice on each before beginning the treatment. Jason was professional and friendly putting me at ease for the treatment.


He gave advice for aftercare following the treatment which allowed me to get the most from it. 

Richard - Kent Police

"I visited Jason and was very impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and dedication. His friendly and helpful attitude combined with a variety of techniques used on my back were just what the doctor ordered!


Highly recommended to all."

John - Accountant 

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