One question I get asked alot is, "who treats/looks after you" The truth is over the years I have surrounded myself with a variety of those with knowledge, passion and skills. Below are those that I'd happily let look after my well being.

Matt Sloan.png

Osteopathy & Rehabilitation 

Have known Matt for over 20yrs from our days of working together as Personal Trainers.

With a mixture of Osteopathic techniques and some of the latest function movement therapies, Matt was the first person I saw after a lumber disc prolapse. 

Emma Hayes.jpg

McTimoneny Chiropractor

Ive know Emma for a long time now and I get to work alongside her too, which is great as able to get a second opinion. I've had many treatments which are soft, effective and gentle. Just what I needed at certain points in pain. 

Deirdre Staff.jpg


Acupuncture has been around for years, what makes Deidre stand out is her approach, methods and understanding of the body. 

Personal Trainer & Life Coach

When I feel the need to refer a patient to a PT its important that I have faith in their Care, knowledge, attention to detail, passion and skill, I recommend Camille - who has all the above attributes.


Run Coach

Having completed the Run course myself, I can honestly say that Clare knows her stuff, She is engaging and gets the best out of you. Along side her we've many happy runners once again.

Ruth is an outstanding therapist who works with people living with the impact and affect of trauma, loss, identity & change. Something we can all relate to after this past year.


I'v worked with Ben in the past to help me over come barriers in the past that were preventing me from moving forward. As a result of the sessions with Ben, I had a clearer focus and mindset.

Counsellor & Psychotherapy