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I’m a professional Clinical Soft Tissue Therapist qualifying from the prestigious London School of Soft Tissue (formally the LSSM) in 2016; where I completed my BTEC Level 5 diploma in Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy.


I have always had a passion for sport, nutrition and the lifestyle surrounding all things active. I have spent many years participating in different sports and activities for myself while also training and teaching others, as a personal trainer.

However, I always struggled to find the right therapist to see me though all my injuries that occurred along the way.

One day, I came across a therapist that was finally able to put my body back together; through all the aches, pains and problems I thought were irrecoverable.  She had trained at the LSSM and inspired me many years later to enter the Therapeutical industry.


Here I utilise the skills I had gained in Soft-Tissue Therapy combining these with Exercise Rehabilitation and Prehab, I aim to not only treat injuries but to rebalance the body in strength, to prevent the imbalance and weakness from occurring again.


My journey started in 1997, when I started working as a lifeguard at my local leisure center. At the time, I thought I was the next David Hasselhoff! My love of sport allowed me to compete to a high level in swimming, water polo, rugby and athletics. The problem was I just didn’t know which direction I wanted to go in.


I studied a BTEC National Diploma in Sports Science, which led me to work as a personal trainer and gym instructor. Over the course of 7years, I worked with many different clients; professional sportsmen and women, qualified in GP referrals and trained people with disabilities and worked with the British Lung Foundation to set up an exercise pilot for people that suffered with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


In 2008 I exchanged my gym bag for a backpack, deciding to explore the world for 19 months. I've always had a zest for life and seeking new adventures. Seeing the world gave me a new perspective; I gained knowledge from around the world about cultures, people, places and food. It’s the kind of learning that inspires and you’ll never forget.


Coming back at the end of 2009, broke and in debt, I found myself heading in a different direction, securing a managerial job in the hospitality industry. Over the course of 6years, I loved being able to interact with a huge diversity of people from all walks of life. The burning sense of helping people was still as strong as it was when I was in the fitness industry. Despite the long hours, my passion for fitness meant I still found time to train friends and colleges along the way and watch them progress.


In 2015, I realised that I needed to go back to my roots, enrolling at the London School Of Sports Massage (LSSM) to complete the course between working. I loved the hands-on work, the connection created with my patients, the ability to feel nodules and knots through the skin, and of course, helping them to feel fantastic.


So that’s me. A whistle stop tour of my journey from David Hasselhoff wanna be to Soft Tissue Therapist.

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